The Biggest and Best ‘Ship of All

A day in the life of fabulous friends… Rewind back to April 17 and April 24, the birthdays of Noni Nwasike and Chioma Agege and fast forward to July 23, 2016 for yet another celebration of April birthdays.

Nothing says sisterhood as true friendship. This year’s celebration of birthdays took these beautiful friends to Catalina Island and was organized by Ceci Adegoke and Chika Ogunnaike, a.k.a HSQ, JP (inside joke) and it was fabulous.  The fun squad was supposed to go parasailing until the weather thought otherwise. They were so looking forward to the experience. Nature knows best!


So, the parasailing did not happen, well a scenic tour of Catalina was priceless. They were all more than 10 feet tall ( 10 feet tall by Afrojack). Enjoy some of the scenic pictures and watch the fun video.



The view at the top..

a day in paradise

Next Stop, Ceci’s late birthday celebration.. Yes, Life happens and these ladies celebrate when it makes the most impact. Question is: where will this effortless fabulous ship be sailing to? Stay tuned!



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