A Nigerian Christmas in America

Goat meat is to Christmas as turkey is to Thanksgiving, says an American born Nigerian.

How was your Christmas?

Hope you had a fantastic one! We sure did have a great Christmas in my home, although it was not complete. You see, my first son was busy saving lives on Christmas and did not make it home. Not to worry, he will be home in a few days and the tradition will be re-enacted. On the bright side, we get to have two full christmas celebrations this year, Yipee! Albeit with lots of food and drinks, Tis the season to splurge.

Back to the topic at hand. Goat meat in a Nigerian (American) family at Christmas–it’s kind of a tradition, I think. Our Christmas starts with a mini breakfast enjoyed while opening the presents with discussions around our tree like, when each ornament was purchased or my last son looking for where we hung the black santa that we have had for over 23 years or my daughter still telling me that her birth ornament shouldn’t have been glass. Her birth ornament was glass and broke several years ago. It has been replaced but it does not feel the same. Did I forget the famous stockings hung on the chimney? The gifts from the stockings do come from Santa. Oh Yes, as the children become adults, the number of santas visiting our house each year increases. We have about five santas visiting our house each year. I am sure you can figure it out.

Christmas brunch in our house is synonymous with the most delicious and fattening food you can think of. Christmas is one day in the year that I fry yam and plantain and eat them with ZERO GUILT. Oh yes, they are delicious and seafood loaded. The menu for this year included lobster, shrimp and egg stew, scallops (pictured above is what’s left of the scallops), fried plantain and yam, and yes GOAT meat for the men in the house. It’s not christmas until my husband eats that delicious goat meat.

Wishing you a very prosperous New Year!


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