Black Pumps Girl ranked #1 in 10 Female Founders Who Dominated 2016.

“It’s not bragging when you can back it up” Muhammad Ali.

We are beyond proud to see our very own Grace Eleyae ranked number 1 of the “10 Black Female Founders Who Dominated 2016” By Huffington Post. We are also not surprised at this recogntion. We knew this back in 2015 when Grace was on the Millennial Panel at the Black Pumps 2015 Leadership Summit and Gala. If you have been at the Black Pumps Annual Summit and Gala in 2015 and/or 2016, you will also remember getting a gift of the SLAPS (Satin Lined Caps by Grace Eleyae). Grace is the Founder and CEO of GRACE ELEYAE (, makers of SLAPS.

“SLAPS was born in 2012 after a trip to Africa where Grace noticed her hair was directly exposed to harsh conditions, like that of the Kenyan heat and the constant bouncing against a headrest that was sucking the moisture out of hair. When she returned home to the States 3 weeks later, the entire middle section of her hair had broken off. Satin Lined Caps was the solution to this problem. These versatile, stylish caps were designed to combine style, comfort and functionality. The satin lining keeps the hair moisturized, protected, and even tangle-free when resting. With the help of a few well targeted Facebook ads, the popularity of SLAPS exploded in 2016 and the fans have nothing but great things to say”.

Talk about #BlackGirlsRock. Congratulations to the 2016 10 phenomenal female black founders, Grace Eleyae (SLAPs), Mikkalia Ulmer (BeeSweet Lemonade), Kathryn Finney (Digital Undivided) Catarah Coleman & Shoneji Robison (Southern Girl Desert), Pamela Booker (Koils by Nature),Evita Robinson (Nomadness Travel tribe), Jessica Matthews (Unchartered Play), Tiffany Aliche (Live Richer Academy) and Luuvie Ajayi (Awesomely Luuvie.

More Power to Black Women worldwide!

Keep Climbing.

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