When do you stop being a Mom?

Lincoln Carter at his Disney shoot in Mickey’s Toontown

For that matter, when do you stop being a parent? This is about celebrating our children. At a tender age, you knew without a shadow of doubt that they need you, whether you are prepared or not. You are there through each waking moment that they are awake. You were their biggest chair leaders, you kissed those bruises away, you nurtured them. You spent many hours on the ice skating rinks, track fields, gymnastics, and the list goes on. You could not stand to see tears or hurts in their eyes, you fought their battles even when they were capable of fighting their own battles. You posted all his/her pictures, you sent pictures to all your family and friends. You were so proud of their accomplishments and… Then, they grew up. They leave for college. They hold a job. Some even started a family. Do you then stop celebrating them?

A Pool on a Parking Lot –  KayCee Nwasike’s BETexperience Activavtion for McDonald

The fine print is that no matter how old your children are – you will always be their mother (or father) and you must continue to celebrate them and be their biggest cheerleader. This week we celebrate the kids/adults that caught our attention.

Ejiro Agege – Ejiro graduated high school with honors and she will be attending Temple University, Philadelphia.

“Hard work does pay off! Ejiro’s street light banner in front of her Alma mater, so proud of this Angel. #Godwins – Chioma Agege ”

Lincoln Carter at his Disney Shoot in Mickey’s Toontown

“It’s a wrap! So proud of our son! It’s been a magical day!! He was SO PUMPED to meet Mickey & Minnie! He had fun with his on set “sister” too! Is she cute or what?!! #goodtimes #thankful #disneyshoot #mysonshine – Amyre Rachal-Carter”

No matter how old your kids are, always drop by to tell them how proud you are. Picture above is a selfie of Noni Nwasike, CPA & Ifeoma Adams, CPA dropping by for a show of support and pride

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