Culture with Pizzaz!

Colorful would be a great understatement at the recently concluded super successful Ogidi Convention in Baltimore, Maryland. The event drew over 350 people  from various states. This also marks the very first time that any Igwe of Ogidi visited the Ogidi Inwelle of North America (“OINA”).

Ogidi is a town (or Kingdom as the Inwelle people will prefer) in Anambra State of Nigeria. HRM, Igwe  Alex Uzo Onyido emerged in 2016 as the the elected Igwe of Ogidi Kingdom, Ogidi has been without an Igwe for 19 years. The entire OINA members came out en masse to welcome the Igwe of Ogidi in Baltimore. There were other receptions for the Igwe in New York City, New Jersey and Los Angeles. We focus on the  “mother of the conventions” in Baltimore, Maryland.

Enters the Igwe for the swearing in  of the newly elected officers of OINA

His Royal Majesty was accompanied by his beautiful wife, Lolo Omunwanyi Nneka Onyido and some of his cabinet members who were decked out in royal garbs. Included in his entourage were his two sons, his cabinet members represented by High Chief Ifeanyi Udokwu (Onowu Ogidi), High Chief Hon.  Emeka Nwabueze (Ajie Okpala Ogidi) and High Chief Sam Mendu (Onwa Ogidi),

The Igwe in his speech before the swearing in called for unity, brotherhood, sisterhood and love in Ogidi, he remarked that the era of “Ogidi na olu Igwe” is over. The current order is “Igwe na Olu Ogidi” and called on all Ogidi indigenes to become part of the work of rebuilding a strong Ogidi.

The newly elected executives were duly sworn in by the Igwe after customary speeches from the cabinet members.


Ogidi has a rich culture and the grandiose of that culture was at display as the first Igwe Ogidi in 19 years entered the convention hall flagged by his flamboyantly dressed entourage. It was a thing of joy and amazement watching the ornateness and pure opulence of the whole long and majestic entrance. Children were everywhere, bowing and receiving blessings from the Igwe. The older American born children marveled at the lavishness of the whole occasion. The Splendors!

HRM Igwe Alex Onyido, Ezechumuagha 1 of Ogidi Kingdom and HRH Lolo Nneka Onyido








We congratulate the Executives of the OINA and their Greater Washington Branch for a very successful convention.

We close with this quote from the OINA President, Honorable Emeka Ebo who said ” OINA is the true Hope of Ogidi, with the capacity we have here in North America we have what it takes to truly transform our beloved homeland to a shiny city on the hill as we work with the sustained advantage of a new Igwe to give back to a place that has given us so much and build a first class enviable Community here in the United States . I call on branches and members to support proposed OINA initiatives and Projects”

Until next year, be well.

Keep Climbing!





  • Ajie Okpala Ogidi 9 months ago

    Keep it Blackpumps. I am truely proud of your works. You are going to greater heights. Ajie Okpala Ogidi

    • blackpump 9 months ago

      Thank you so much Ajie Okpala Ogidi. Your words and your support are priceless

  • Chief Maxwell Okudoh 9 months ago

    Wonderful, successful and monumental cultural outing that moved Ogidi Kingdom to the Orbit.
    This is Ogidi in America: We’ve really moved forward. I suggest there’s need to reduce it to CD FOR BETTER CIRCULATION and ECONOMIC VALUES. Kudos to ” OGIDI in AMERICA “

    • blackpump 9 months ago

      It was. Glad to capture it live. Now, let’s share this article.

  • Onyekachukwu Okite 9 months ago

    Long live Igwe Ezechuamuagha,
    Long live Ogidi Kingdom,
    Long live OINA,
    Peace and Prosperity to men of goodwill.

  • Ifeoma Udoji-Achebe 9 months ago

    It was a very happy moment for all us. Thank God FOR OUR New Igwe.

  • Chief Ikem Nwabueze 9 months ago

    Blackpump I salute you guys for your good work. Ezeugo Ogidi

    • blackpump 9 months ago

      Thank you so muc much, Ezigbo nwa Ogidi, Ezeugo!!

  • Idu Emeziem 9 months ago

    Very grand entrance! Culture and pizzaz indeed! Such a great convention. Congratulations to the people of Ogidi! Btw, I’m loving Lolo Nneka’s bag. :).

    • blackpump 9 months ago

      You are truly black girl magic and you rock on a different level. Thank you so much. I will tell Lolo as well.


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