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ONE WORD| PERSEVERANCE by Bukunmi Grace, a Stylist and Photographer

I particularly like the month of March for several reasons: it marks the end of the first quarter of the year. It is a month in which it’s still okay to push the START button or for those who see the glass as half empty, may see it as the Re-START button for 2017.

So, my question is how is the RESOLUTION working out for you? Are you set to meet your 2017 Goal? Have you procrastinated and not started on your plan for 2017? Did you start but still find yourself in the SLOW lane?

If so, this word PERSEVERANCE is for you. Committing is only a very small step in accomplishing your goal. Consistency/ Perseverance is what gets you to the finished line. Consistency is what separates the dreamer from the achiever. So if you are looking for a do over, here is a chance to push Re-START/ START button. We still have 10 full months to make it.

This brings me to the flurry of MARCH wisdom words all over social media this week. Allow me to add mine:

March – I will go with the crowd on this one, marching into greatness, marching into success, and my favorite “march into March as boss ladies”. I will also add M-  if applicable.Make up for lost time in January and February.

A – Assess and Adjust your plan to reaching your goals. Are you on track to meeting this year’s goals, if so, Yippee, if not, articulate and adjust your plan and start ACTING on them. Remember you are AWESOME and you can achieve what you set your mind to.

R – Resolve that this is the year! Resist any resistance to getting to your goals. If you are off track push the RE-START button and don’t forget to Recharge ever so often

C- CONSISTENCY and Perseverance. You can do this! Break large goals into groups of smaller goals and conquer one each day.

H – Hard work, if it were easy there will be no winners. Stick to it and be HAPPY – commit to making yourself happy and being happy. Life is too short to spend being unhappy. Spread love not Hate. Stay grounded.

Keep Climbing!

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